August 7, 2014

Inateck Portable USB 3.0 Hub (HB4008) Review

Inateck Portable USB 3.0 Hub (HB4008) Review

The One Accessory that is a ‘Must-Have’

This isn’t the first time I have seen a product, well an accessory, feature a physical two-in-one design in which it benefits those who own a tablet and a smartphone. I’m always on the move and being able to access important files on my devices is key for a busy person like myself. The ability to use a SD Card on my computer then on my tablet just by switching the cable is like “Mind-Blowing.” Wait, you know what I’m talking about, correct? Ah, I’m talking about the USB 3.0 SuperSpeed 4 Port Hub (Y-3046) from Unitek. It allows me to use a SD Card on my computer and tablet even without a pre-installed SD Card slot.

What’s in the Box?

Unitek does a great job with producing their products but they also do a great job with packaging them as well. In this case:

  • Unitek USB 3.0 SuperSpeed 4 Port Hub (Y-3046)
  • Returns & Exchange

Inateck Portable USB 3.0 Hub (HB4008)

Where Does the Inateck Portable USB 3.0 Hub (HB4008) Exceed?

When I received this accessory last week I thought it was just another USB 3.0 hub so I didn’t pay much attention to it as I was opening it. Well, I was in a big surprise when I finally got it out of the box. It has three USB 3.0 ports on top and as I was rotating it around I noticed something different – a SD Card slot.

I was shocked and a little confused but after testing it for a week or so I was more than happy to have it. Basically, I was able to connect my USB accessories (i.e. USB External Hard Drive, USB, etc.) using this product which came in great handy since I’m using a computer that only has two USB 3.0 ports but I own a lot more USB accessories.

Thankfully, my computer features a SD Card slot but for other computers that don’t and need one will have to worry no more thanks to little product right here. Speaking of no SD Card slot, such as a tablet, I found another shocking feature. I was able to access my SD Card on my tablet and since this product features an attached (via rubber string) Micro USB I was able to simply connect it (i.e. ASUS Nexus 7) and use it with no worries. Making it easier to store music, photos, and videos a lot easier than ever.

Where Does the Inateck Portable USB 3.0 Hub (HB4008) Lack?

There’s no major flaws but I wish that Inateck included rubber feet on the product since it’s likely to scratch your surface without worrying otherwise it’s perfect with its great build quality, brushed aluminum design, and performance.

Inateck Portable USB 3.0 Hub (HB4008)

How the Inateck Portable USB 3.0 Hub (HB4008) Fit in my Life?

Personally, I will mainly keep this in a to-go bag for traveling because being able to remove my MicroSD Card from my camera, slip it into a SD Card, and then into this accessory makes video-editing on-the-go a hell lot easier. As well as giving me extra USB 3.0 ports for my additional ports.

Inateck Portable USB 3.0 Hub (HB4008)

Why Should You Purchase this for Yourself?

You can never have too many USB ports no matter if your simply like the average consumer or complex like the Geek that I am. This product will come in handy when you least expect it to.

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