February 1, 2014

iClever Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Review!

iClever Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Review!

This very product is the first ever keyboard to be featured by us. Don’t worry since it will not be the last since we’re teaming up with iClever to bring you some insane content about keyboards, mice, and accessories. If you like this product then you can purchase via Amazon US for about $16 (15.99) or via Amazon UK for about €11 (10.99) and special thanks to iClever for sending this out to review.

Enough with all that I want to quickly dive in with recapping what you receive when you purchase this for yourself. It’s nothing to fancy inside the packaging besides the keyboard, a User Guide, and nothing else. They don’t send the batteries needed due to having to raise the price and have a more difficult shipping it out to us. And of course we don’t want any of that occurring. Otherwise, iClever did an excellent job with their packaging but do wish to see some improvements to out-do their competition, such as Logitech.

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Skipping on over to looking at the product itself I find that it’s very, very lightweight like I expected a 11.2 oz keyboard to feel and a little top-heavy toward the components underside but it was no problem at all. It’s more of a up-side since it gave me a little raise off the desk when typing it, prevented the keyboard from sliding around everywhere, and was home to the Power Switch, Connect Button, and Battery Compartment. You can even say it’s similar to an Apple keyboard that’s lacking a number keypad, better design, and some differences here and there. But, it’s too similar to the point that I noticed no differences in testing.

Due to the fact that it’s wireless and bluetooth I was able to connect this to multiple devices that supported Bluetooth connect (iOS, Android, PC, etc.). In my case, this has been my Apple iPod touch 4th Generation, my Samsung Galaxy S4, and even my Gateway NE 522 Series Notebook PC. The setup process for all of them are very easy but do different depending on the device type. Either way, I didn’t find any problems there.

Part 4

If anything, the main problems that occurred was me having to re-setup the connection between the keyboard and my Notebook PC due to the fact that I was so use to turning the Bluetooth settings off to conserve battery when it’s not in use. This wasn’t a permanent problem since it soon went away, for the time being that is.

When typing on the keyboard connected to my devices I found no lag during the testing but it would somethings have a little lag as if it went asleep for a second or two. It’s a bit annoying to be honest since I expect it to respond quickly with no lag but I wouldn’t count this as a deal-breaker. It still performed well and the keys spacing is nearly perfect and will all depend on how big a person hands are to see whether they find it enjoyable or not.

Part 5

Matter of fact, taking an even closer look at the product there’s special keys that word on specific devices. The keys are labeled on the top row but not all of them are functional with every single device. In theory, I find that they mostly all work with an Apple or/and Android device but will differ greatly with a Notebook PC and etc. And if you haven’t noticed already that there are keys on the bottom row that represent the Apple keyboard to really enhance your experience. Some keys include: Control, Alt/Option, Command/Start. Since I tested the keyboard on a Windows 8.1 PC I find that it was a bit annoying since I had to use Command as my Windows Key and it was so close the spacebar it just gave me headaches. But, a day or two passed and muscle memory really kicked into high gear and help melt the stress away.

In conclusion, it’s a perfect as can be budget wireless bluetooth keyboard that will work on different platforms. I truly do love it with the flaws and all. It’s a product that I do recommend picking up as soon as you can!

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