November 21, 2013

iCarbons White Fiber Skin for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review!

iCarbons White Fiber Skin for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review!

Add a little simple swag to your device by purchasing this product via iCarbons Official Website for about $20 ($19.95). And special thanks to iCarbons for sending this out to review.

This won’t arrive in a box but a simple wrapped and sealed package while be in your mailbox waiting for you when you return home. Everything you need is present and iCarbons have great tutorial videos on their website for you to watch in-case you get stuck or don’t know how to install this on your very own device. I found that the installation was decent but not the best especially when it comes to curved devices. The Galaxy S4 is flat with it’s display and I had no problems installing the front panel but the pack was a little pain in my rear end since it was curved and not flat like many other smartphones on the market. iCarbons did their best to make it work but it didn’t go as plan.

I want to return to the front for a quick second. The installation of the front panel was perfect, like I previously said, and you will find perfect cut outs for the sensors, front facing speaker, front-facing camera, home button, and touch-capacitive buttons. As well as your beautiful display, of course.

If we flip it over to reveal the back you will notice that cut outs for the rear-racing camera, flash, and speaker. Everything is decent until you rich the corners where it doesn’t go all the way down like it show but creates a ripple effect and making it display it’s hidden “ugly side.” Not even the trimming could help but they do add a little more value to the skin with great cut outs and layout of the product which includes the volume rocker, 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone, IR blaster, power/lock button, microphone, and micro USB port.

I know it seems like I’m talking “trash” about the product but I’m not. The Galaxy S4 don’t play nice with the skin all because of the curved back plate. Otherwise, we recommend this skin for your device!

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