November 20, 2013

iCarbons White and Black Fiber Skin for iPhone 5 Review!

iCarbons White and Black Fiber Skin for iPhone 5 Review!

Change your personality, style, and swag by purchasing this product via iCarbons for about $25 ($24.95) and Amazon US $11 ($6.00 + $4.99). And special thanks to our friends at iCarbons for sending this out to review!

You can actually purchase several more combinations for your iPhone 5, smartphones, tablets, and many more popular devices. I have one for my iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, Xbox 360, and hopefully the Wii really soon. They do a fantastic job when it comes to creating great quality skin decals.

I chose the White and Black model which means the front and back middle panel is white white the top and bottom back panels as well as the trim are black. This combo cut out is perfect for really changing how your device stands out from the OEM models. I found it easy to install with no problems whatsoever!

Starting our adventure with the front you will find cut outs for your sensor, front-facing camera, speaker, display, and home button. All perfect cut outs and iCarbons even include a home button sticker of both color choices that you bought. To truly make the experience as unique as possible. Flipping to the back there are cut outs for the rear-facing camera, microphone, and flash. No problems with capturing photos. You should be aware that iCarbons don’t automatically cut out the spot for the Apple logo.

If we do a quick 360 around the device trim you will see perfect cut outs for the volume up/down buttons, power/lock button, SIM tray, 3.5mm headphone jack, Lighting Port, speaker, and microphone, No problems using or accessing anything.

Even though this is not a case I still find that I can protect my device from scratches with the skin decal on. iCarbons don’t provide a built-in or extra screen protector so your screen will be left unprotected from harms way. In the end, the skin is perfect as possible and we high recommend purchasing yours today!

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