February 8, 2014

i.d. America Spark Hi-Definition Aluminum In-Ear Headphones Review

i.d. America Spark Hi-Definition Aluminum In-Ear Headphones Review

There’s so much epic features, quality, and performance packed into this little product from i.d. America. I will walk you through it all and of course you can purchase this product via Amazon US for about $42 ($41.67) with free shipping and even Amazon UK for about €64 (€63.60) and special thanks to i.d. America for sending this out to review!

You should know exactly where I’m gonna start in this review which is clearly reviewing what you receive when you purchase it for yourself. i.d. America truly do listen to their audience, analyze their competition mistakes, and improve on them for their own benefit. Brilliant work indeed! They placed a great amount of work into the packaging itself with small details, such as; a ribbon to carry it, a colorful informative back sheet, and all the way down to the inside box having a magnetic door that opens from the right side. The details don’t even stop there because i.d. America even added a slogan inside the door that reads “Tuned for Performance” which indicates that they mean business. They also include a very detailed stitched carrying case that’s made out of great quality leather which holds your headphones, headphone clip, and three sets of ear tips. The only thing else remaining in the box is your Welcome and Warranty card but that’s pretty much all. i.d. America receive full points in the decision of creating an over-exceptional unboxing experience for us average consumers.

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Before getting to the star of the show I want to notify you that it supports a 3.5mm headphone jack (L-Shape) and this may be a problem for some people in the case of their device being inside a case that’s to big to support these headphones. i.d. America doesn’t include an extension clip so I recommend removing the case, if this problem relates to your decision. Personally, I haven’t faced this issue while testing the headphones out with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and Labato Case (Medium Thickness).

Traveling up a little further you should notice the black and white colors of the headphones which is i.d. America’s primary colors for their logo. I love the incorporation and details in depth. Finally, you will get to the Y-divider in which the left and the right headphone is separated and go their marry ways. The only difference is that the left headphone features an in-line microphone that gives you limited features but does include a great microphone. I haven’t had any problems using it with calls, video chats, etc. The controls themselves are limited since it doesn’t feature a volume rocker like others. It only includes one button that actually does perform pretty well. It’s able to play/pause audio with one push, skip to the next track with two pushes, and even go back one track with three pushes. It’s not as advance as their competition but it gets the job done for us average consumers that isn’t looking for complicated controls.

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Finally, making our way to the beans of the review. The headphones may be small but they pack a punch no matter if you’re not a audiophile or not. Personally, I appreciate the sound quality, bass-intensive, and clarity of the audio that’s present inside this little package. It’s build quality starts with the Matte Finishing Aluminum Back Casing that’s on the very outside, with a Chrome Finished Aluminum Inner Casing that’s home to the High-Performance 8mm Dynamic Driver. Basically, in English-Standard it refers to a very lightweight headphone that packs a great sound without the price tag of a new car. Last, there’s a High-Definition Acoustic Filter with the Matte Finished Aluminum Front Casing that’s protected by the Custom Rubber Ear Tips. Personally, I find that no matter what size ear tips I used they would still find a way to fall out; organically of course. This involves little to no movement since I know for a fact they wouldn’t stay in if I was using them with any super-active sport or activity. This is from my experience and it will definitely differ for everyone else.

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In conclusion, these are thee best headphones I have ever tested from any company and I’m very happy that i.d. America gave us the wonderful chance to try these out to present to you guys! I highly recommend picking yours up for such a great steal (yes, yes they are on sale via Amazon).  Also, it’s available in multiple colors, such as; Rally Blue, Gray Type-R, Rose Pink, Aluminum Silver, Jet Black, and Champagne Gold.

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