December 11, 2013

HooToo HT-UH010 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub with 2 Charging Port Review!

HooToo HT-UH010 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub with 2 Charging Port Review!

I recently reviewed the 10 Port edition but I think this very product would benefit the average consumer a lot better. You can purchase this product via Amazon US for about $45 ($44.99) with free shipping or via Amazon UK for about 30 pounds (29.99) with free shipping. And special thanks to our friends at HooToo for sending this out to review!

I’m reviewing more and more USB hubs it seems like but this is great since I give you the pros, cons, and my conclusion without making it seem like you’re reading a novel. Lets begin with what you receive along with the USB Hub itself. You get the supplied USB 3.0 ports, AC Power Adapter, and User Manual. Everything and anything you need to get started right away.

Pushing all the goodies to the side and focusing on the product itself is where I get technical. I love HooToo products but they took the wrong turn when they made the top of this product glossy. It’s a fingerprint club and I’m not looking to buy. I appreciate the beautiful contrast of the logo and dark rich black coloring. But really? The top is glossy and this makes it unpleasing to look at or even show anyone. I find myself wiping it down multiple times. They do fix this ugly issue with their 10 USB 3.0 Port Hub. Otherwise, this con could be a no-buy for consumers as well as myself.

Looking past the glossy issue you will find 7 USB 3.0 Ports as well as a red LED light that turns on whenever it’s plugged into the AC and receiving power. There is no switch on the product itself but I can look past this minor feature. Especially, since that minor feature is replaced with two very helpful Smart Charging Ports. One provides 1A for smartphones while the other provides 2.1A for tablets and phablets (smartphones + tablets). I tested them both with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and find that they both charge my device but the bottom port charged it faster.

You won’t find anything on the left, right, or bottom. There is a USB port and DC In  port at the top but nothing too exciting. Which leads me into yet another con. There is no feet on the bottom at all. Not even a soft matte material. A living nightmare for those who spend a lot of money on expensive desks and tables like I do. This is a dangerous mix since the smallest movement of the product could scratch or damage your desk very easily.

Before I forget, did I mention that it’s USB 2.0 backwards-compatible which basically means that it will work with your USB 2.0 computer and devices. You won’t experience the fast USB 3.0 connection speeds but speed is speed. And that’s where I’m gonna end my review. I really love HooToo products, I do, but this one had me fed up with many cons. It’s not horrible but personal preferences and experiences came into effect. I do recommend this product for the average consumer only because of the 2 Smart Charging Ports and portable design.

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