November 10, 2013

Hidden Secrets in Apple’s OS X Mavericks

Hidden Secrets in Apple’s OS X Mavericks

Apple announced and released Mavericks as a free upgrade for compatible systems but didn’t tell you everything that you can do with it right from the start. Don’t worry since you’re about to learn TOP SECRET information.

You can now speak to your Mac by pressing the Fn button two times (and downloading a 765 MB file). As you continue to talk it will continue to listen and type for you. It’s not perfect when it’s compared to Dragon Natural Speaking but it’s free and very easy.

Social Network Guru’s will find the quick response feature impressing since it allows you to respond to IMs (via Messages) and e-mails (via Mail) right from the notification. It’s not supported for tweets or Google Voice but hopefully will arrive in the future.

If you own an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad then you should be familiar with the Do Not Disturb feature that allows you to turn off all pop-ups until the next day or so. It’s not available in Mavericks when you open the Notification Center and turn it on.

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