October 29, 2011

First Person Shooter Simulator (FPS For Realz?)

First Person Shooter Simulator (FPS For Realz?)

If your an intimate FPS gamer and dream of a real life simulator that offers an experience like no other then you may be in luck. The ‘Gadget Show’ demonstrated a $750,000 AUD simulator that  plays Battlefield 3. It was quite successful in making the player feel as if they were inside the game, and the paintball guns shooting the player also made it much more ‘Entertaining’…………….from a viewer perspective of course.

The surround sound, Full HD projectors, paintball guns shooting you and of course the running treadmills made the users experience something unlike anyone has ever experienced before.

P.S. At Product Feedback we would have loved to demonstrate and give you our opinion on how realistic the experience was, but unfortunately we couldn’t find a spare  $750,000 AUD laying around.

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