October 24, 2013

Feedspot RSS Feeder Review!

Feedspot RSS Feeder Review!

I want to say thank you to Feedspot for reaching out to us to take a look their their RSS Feeder and I have been using it every single day. I won’t be uploading a video but have a complete gallery of screen shots for you to view for your pleasure. When you visit Feedspot’s official website you will notice a very well laid out homepage with options to log in via Twitter, Facebook, Google, or your e-mail. I recommend Google but it all depends on your own preference.

When you log in then you can setup your profile with all the information that you want to share with them. They keep your data safe and private from the cruel world we live in. Once everything is setup to your liking then you should notice your websites on the left side via a text box. This allows you to access your favorite websites feeds without visiting them and wasting time looking at the articles that could possibly take forever to load up.

Once you have selected your website then the preview will display almost dead center with a giant photo, information, links, and handy tools here and there. Everything you expect a RSS Reader should do. Right? Feedspot even have a personal account for you so you can follow others, be followed by others, socialize easier, and even invite friends and family. So easy to stay interactive without having to think hard and do much.

This is pretty much everything good and bad you need to know about Feedspot. There is a Gold Membership that will open Premium Features but otherwise the online RSS Feeder is free of charge.

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