June 21, 2011

E3 Press Conference: Sony

E3 Press Conference: Sony

Sony’s biggest embarrassment in a very long time was having their PSN hacked, disabling online gaming for the PS3 community for a whole month. Imagine the cost, the loss of loyalty, but mostly a loss of attention. Although statements have been made about periodical developments in counteracting the hacker’s damage, the first big speech made since then occurred at the E3 press conference.

To start off Jack (CEO of Sony) apologizes to the community for the lack of a PSN for that month. Many people might find this chocking, but he also announced that the PSN’s population level is still over 90% of what it used to be. It looks like the PSN fans may be more loyal than originally thought.

After the apology, Sony started off things with a nicely put together demo of Uncharted 3. Even as a demo, the graphics are strong, and, noticeably, the audio was stronger, with clearly well put together music throughout the game. The gist of the story in the demo is that Drake is inside a ship of sorts, and trying to escape. The game demo was well received. After the first demo, a new trailer is shown in 3D to the E3 audience. The main protagonist it seems is an older woman, whom Drake is after to get back a family heirloom of some sorts.

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The next game was announced by Insomniac, and you know what’s coming, Resistance 3, known for its “artistic” game cases, was announced. The story is very confusing for non Resistance players, as its story starts only a couple years after the ending of Resistance 2. Basically what you need to know about Resistance is that it’s humans vs. invading aliens and your character plays a key part in human survival. The game interface itself is hectic and beautiful, with cool futuristic weapons and nice visuals during a massive scale battle. This game will use 3D and PlayStation Move technology, even bundling a package to sell Resistance 3 and all necessary Move components.

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Sony’s big hype of the Conference was its 3D abilities. With over 100 3D PlayStation titles, Sony has created a PS3 3D-specific TV. A solid 24 inches creates a nice looking interface with an interesting feature: when split screen mode on the PS3 TV is active, the wearers of the TV will only see their own part of the screen. Obviously this TV will have normal HD features along with this custom PlayStation configuration. Sony claims that this will be like virtually having two TV’s in the same room during game play. For cost-concerned consumers, a bundle with an HDMI cable, 3D glasses, the Sony PlayStation TV, and Resistance 3 will cost $499.

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Well, as the games look good right now, we can make sure to hope that the 3D effects won’t ruin the fun of gaming with headaches and blurry interfaces, and also that the PS3 TV will be as cool operating as it does sounding and looking.

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