November 6, 2013

CoolStream Portable Bluetooth Speaker (BTS201) Review!

CoolStream Portable Bluetooth Speaker (BTS201) Review!

You can listen to music around the house especially since the holidays are approaching very quickly! This product is selling for about $60 ($59.99) with free shipping thanks to our friends at CoolStream. They even provided you with a 10% discount if you use the promo code: Y7RGVAUV at checkout.

I want to dive right into my review by starting with the design. It’s a very beautiful design with the concave design that house the speaker inside. I really do like that their logo is in the middle but toward the bottom and not attracting all of the attention away from the design itself. The only dislike of this design would be the “fingerprint” piece in the middle. This is a small problem but can’t be overlooked since I find myself having to wipe it clean many times when changing it from one location to another. Yet, the sound quality and bass is pumping, literally. It may be small in size but it’s big in sound quality.

Swinging to the back you will find where the magic starts with the SD card slot, built-in microphone, USB port, 3.5mm headphone jack, and A/C jack. I didn’t test the SD card slot too much but it worked very well with any SD card I used (i.e. Kingston and Samsung). The USB port was a little confusing since I was only able to use it for charging my devices (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S4). Which leads me into the discussion of the built-in microphone. It didn’t perform well at all for me and the people on the other end couldn’t hear me at all even if the phone and product was directly next to one another. This wasn’t a huge problem since I preferred listening to music with the included 3.5mm headphone cable and especially with the Bluetooth feature that allowed me to play music from one room away. Bonus points for being very user-friendly.

Popping onto the top is where the party really takes form. You can have your power button (press 3-5 seconds to either turn it on or off), control rocker (switching modes of connectivity), rewind, play/pause, forward, and volume rocker. The buttons are pretty simple and easy to use after a week or even a day or so. Love the friendly environment of usability.

I didn’t forget about the accessories that you receive, and don’t receive, in the package. This includes an A/C cable to USB cable, 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable, and a Quick Start Guide. The one accessory that wasn’t included, which is a shame for such a price, would be a small carrying case. It could protect and even enhance the experience of showing off the product in the public. It’s no deal breaker but a missing accessory that could go a long way.

The purchasing decision is all you but I highly recommend buying one for every season of the year, especially for the holidays. It’s not only a great price but also a great product!

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