July 19, 2014

CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Receiver (BTR102) Review

CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Receiver (BTR102) Review

CoolStream is known for producing products that will help you someway or another. I have tested one other product, their Portable Bluetooth Speaker (BTS201), and have found it to be beyond what their selling price.

Today, I’m sharing with you a product that will help you save money and old accessories that went out of style once Apple made one big move. Say “Hello” to the Duo Bluetooth Receiver that’s currently available via Amazon US. Before I give you Everything You Need to Know about this little gadget let’s talk about what else you receive.

What’s in the Box?

CoolStream has packed this product very well, snug, and protected in such a small box. I had little to no trouble getting everything out. You will receive the:

  • CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Receiver
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable

Not much which is completely understandable since you don’t need a ton of things when a product simply just works.

Part 1

Where Does the Duo Bluetooth Receiver Exceed?

This little gadget opens up a new path for a once-beloved port that Apple offered in their older products – a 30-pin connector. Apple has killed that off with their well-known Lighting port which isn’t all bad since it increases the speed of charging your iDevice and syncing data to and fro the iDevce. Then again, this change has let a great amount of people in mental debt. Other words, they have 30-pin accessories (i.e. Radios, Alarm Clocks, etc.) that are now unusable.

Until now, that is. CoolStream has produced the solution to this little problem that you, as well as myself, had. The Duo Bluetooth Receiver gives you the ability to transform a 30-pin dock into a Bluetooth-enabled accessory. I have produced a tutorial on Guided Help 21 (Here) to do so. I have yet to see another gadget perform this task so well and the fact that CoolStream is known for producing gadgets like this gives you the legitimacy that we all need.

Where Does the Duo Bluetooth Receiver Lack?

I have yet to find any problems or anything that restricts the device from performing any tasks that I place it through. It has made it through my testing with flying colors; which is expected from CoolStream.

Part 2

How the Duo Bluetooth Receiver Fit in my Life?

Personally, the Duo Bluetooth Receiver has come in handy a lot more than I thought. I finally get to use my 30-pin dock radio that I put up at the beginning of the year due to not having a real use for it. Ever since I received this little gadget from CoolStream I have yet to find a day that I don’t use it.

I’m able to listen to Pandora on hours ends since I’m able to play it via Bluetooth in any room of my house. It’s brilliant and extremely useful. I have even turned my wired desktop speakers into a Bluetooth sound system and produced a tutorial on Guided Help 21 (Here) for you to do so, too.

Part 3

Why Should You Purchase this for Yourself?

The question that you all want me to answer, hopefully, is whether or not to pick up one for yourself. To be honest, you should not pick up one – you should pick up two, three, and more since I know many of you either have a 30-pin dock accessory or/and a pair of desktop speakers that you want to use more – wirelessly with your smartphone and tablet.

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