October 26, 2011

CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid Review

CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid Review

For those who don’t know CM Storm it is basically a subdivision of Cooler Master which usually manufactures PC Cases. CM Storm is focused on gaming peripherals and this is one of the first keyboards they have made. Therefore I really wanted to test this keyboard out before bringing you this review.

They Keyboard itself you will first notice has no numpad, this is because they say it is more comfortable for your mouse to sit in that location. Personally I don’t mind that it has no keypad but it comes down to personal preference. The next thing you will notice and what really makes this keyboard shine is the Mechanical Switches, as explained in previous keyboard reviews, it basically provides different tactical feedback. The one I am reviewing is the Cherry MX Blue which is more my preference for FPS and RTS but a drawback is that it s quite loud, if you want a more silent option the Black would be the best bet. Depending on your region you can get either Black, Brown or Blue switches which is definitely good for personal choice.

Underneath the keyboard is a easy channel for routing your USB Cable to keep things neat but one thing to note is that the provided cable is actually very short. This isn’t a huge issues as the cable itself is removable but I would like a longer cable, at least by another metre.

The Quick Fire Rapid also comes with removable keys to customise your keyboard. You can change the WASD keys as well as few others. The keyboard itself has a nice rubber coating which I love and the font used on the keys are quite appealing.

The keyboard overall performs quite well but as it is targeted for gamers it needs to have back light illumination PERIOD. I think that backlighting has become a standard and should be offered in future revisions. Personally I believe the keyboard to offer solid tactical feedback and feels it could stand up to quite a beating which I think is great considering BF3 has just been released.

They keyboard can be picked up for $99 AUD from most online retailers. If you take your keyboard around a lot then it might be a good choice but there are a lot of other keyboards nowadays for the $99 price point, my advice would be to look at each on their own merits and pick from there. However the CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid does do what it says it will do and you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. I give this keyboard a 7/10 Stars.

Manufacturer’s Website: CM Storm

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