October 20, 2012

Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen vs iPod Touch 4th Gen Comparison

Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen vs iPod Touch 4th Gen Comparison

This video will explore the main differences between the Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation (2012) and the Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen. We look at the cosmetic, hardware and performance changes that have occurred. Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below if its worth the upgrade?

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  • Bob

    I think that this is very helpful, I will now show my dad the difference between both so I can get the 5th generation

  • Larro

    Very helpful, I will stay with the 4th gen. Thanks so much !!


  • Susaka

    video was very helpful. I really do want to know if 5th gen will download faster than 4th gen. We are living in Africa where the internet is SLOW and seeing that metered part of the demonstration was impressive that it was NOT IMPRESSIVELY different. Have you found anything else out about the speed???

  • Michelle

    I actually just purchased my first iPod a few days ago and received it today. Now I’m an android girl but always curious about apple. Well I’m going to be honest when I got the iPod touch 5th gen I wasn’t crazy about it until now and seeing this video I’m totally keeping it. I love the colors everything it does is just like a phone. I would recommend it but i don’t think I’ll ever invest in an iPhone. I love this iPod do much so yes it’s worth it

  • cody

    i ready dont think there is a differnce between the 2 but are the videos hd or 720

    • Christian Auldridge

      Lol except its faster thinner better and bigger screen better camera better video recording ebtter internet speeds nicer looking and not laggy as heck your right there is no differences….

      • Lucas

        Faster: Dual core as opposed to single core makes no practical difference especially seeing as you can’t multitask in iOS.
        Thinner: Barely, and it is significantly taller
        Bigger screen, yeah this is true, though i, like a lot of people, mainly use my ipod for consuming music, so it is isn’t that much of a selling point. However the screen is a little nicer in terms colour representation.
        Better camera: I think a lot of people wouldn’t care if it didn’t have a camera.
        Better Internet speeds, not really sure this is true.
        It does look a bit better than the 4th gen.

        In short, 4th gen is still a very good choice, cheaper, smaller, and in practical terms has all the same features. Unless you watch a lot of video on your ipod, or use it as a camera, then you should consider the 4th gen.

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