October 15, 2013

Apple Announcement on October 22 (Microsoft & Nokia Events)

Apple Announcement on October 22 (Microsoft & Nokia Events)

We are counting down the days until the Apple Event on October 22 – same day as Microsoft Surface 2 Launch and the Nokia Announcement. This should be an interesting day indeed!

Let’s have a quick recap. Microsoft announced the Surface 2 last month and will be release to the public on October 22. It’s the same day that Apple will hold their event and probably even release their new devices on November 1st.

So, how does this conflict with one another? Well, there’s a lot more Apple consumers than Microsoft consumers when it comes to portable devices, such as tablets in this case. This means that ¬†Apple will probably “steal” Microsoft’s crowd right from under their nose.

There’s a lot of tension between all of these companies and their product announcements. It looks like we gonna have to wait and see what happens when the date is here.

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