December 7, 2013

Anker Slim-Fit Synthetic Leather Case for iPad Mini Review!

Anker Slim-Fit Synthetic Leather Case for iPad Mini Review!

Win this case at our December 2013 Entrepreneur Convention via Amazon US for about $9 ($8.99) and Amazon UK 11 Pounds  (10.99). And special thanks to our friends at Anker for sending this out to product review! Anker has been improving since they started. There packaging is beautiful, elegant, and professional. I believe that the packaging is made of recycled cardboard. Either way it’s very nice. Inside of it is where the magic lives. You receive a small packet about the Returns and Exchanges procedure, Anker Community information card, and product itself.

Speaking of the product let’s quickly dive into the review.The outer shell is produced of hardened polycarbonate material that allows you to hold it comfortably for a long period of time. It feels great in the hands yet firm enough to give you the reliability of it protecting your device.

The front cover features Anker’s official logo in the lower right hand corner. It’s not filled yet implanted into the case which is perfect since it’s not advertising to the point that the professionalism is lost. It’s a perfect and reasonable size. Flipping to the back will review your cut outs for the rear-facing camera, microphone, and nothing else besides that great material. The left side features nothing besides the binding but the right side display a cut out for your volume controls.

Making our way down to the bottom you will find a well designed cut out for your speaker, microphone, and Lighting port. While the top is not well protected with the long cut out for your power/lock button and 3.5mm headphone jack. This would be the only flaw for cut outs since it’s too large and unnecessary.

Opening the case will review a great color scheme of black and grey. The left side features a unique design but no real-implanted grooves. The right side features your device holder case. No problem slipping the device into/out of the case. You’re able to watch movies and view photos in landscape mode thanks to the material that’s on the left side of the case. It’s able to hold the device in place with no grooves with any position you place it in.

The last but maybe crucial feature would be the sleep/wake function that’s active when your device is on. When the cover is closed it will automatically lock your device and unlock it when the cover is opened. It’s a function that’s becoming well known in many cases. This is a great case with so many pros and only a few cons. We recommend picking this up for yourself, friends, family, and etc.

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