January 19, 2014

Anker Slim-Fit Synthetic Leather Case for iPad Air Review!

Anker Slim-Fit Synthetic Leather Case for iPad Air Review!

If you been reading my reviews for awhile you would notice that Dong Pham (Product Reviewer) and I reviewed this case model but for the iPad Air. We loved it due to it being extremely well built to the point that the price seemed to be “to good to be true.” Now Anker has announced and released the iPad Air model that’s selling for about $10.00 ($9.99) with shipping added on. This is a perfect deal for the average consumer since many cases are $50 and more. We highly recommend checking this case and special thanks to Anker for sending this out to review! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for 2014.

The case was packaged very nicely, like always, with Anker’s new and improved packaging that went live in the late part of 2013. The  removal process was super easy which gives you the great content of knowing that you have something to look forward to inside the packaging, Speaking of inside you receive a Returns and Exhanges booklet, Anker Community card, a large micro cloth (incredibly soft), sticker removal sticker, decent screen protector and Bubble Removal Card. This alone is half the price of the product. Excellent value and accessories for your iPad usage and enhancing.

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Moving to the case itself you will notice that it has a leather-type of feel even though it’s actually synthetic. This allows you to have a smell-free material that won’t create headaches that other products produce. This also decreases the pricing so it will be very affordable for us average consumers.

Looking at the front you will notice the Anker logo at the very bottom right hand corner. It’s embedded into the case to the point that you can barely see it and makes the product even more valuable! While flipping on the back you will notice the camera cut out, microphone, and another extra that I will talk about later in the review. Personally, I find no problem taking photos with a very light or very dim surrounds and no problems recording audio either. Unlike other cases that produced a muffling and ugly photos and videos; Anker has done their research and improved greatly above the competition.

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Inserting your iPad Air is very easy and even removing it was painless, literally. The left side of the case displays grooves that are necessary for the very cool feature that I will be talking about very soon. Otherwise that’s all for that side. Moving to the right side you will find cut outs for your power/lock button, volume controls, silence switch, speaker, microphone, and lighting port. Due to them all have large cut outs I find no problem accessing any of the controls. Usually, I would complain about this type of design due to it giving your product less protection and more of a chance of becoming damaged on the sides and edges. But, Anker has seen the competition mistakes and included a feature that allows you to close your case and the front clamps onto your iPad for it to stay close. This allows you to carry your iPad more easier than before as well as provide that protection that may been lost.

The case seems too good to be true, right, well it gets better thanks to the built-in stand. The style is original and unlike others that I have reviewed in the past. It separates at two parts to be able to fit into the two grooves that are on the left side of the case. The two grooves are mainly for two situations, such as; Work Mode and Multimedia Mode. Either way they work perfect with no problems whatsoever.

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That my friends will do for my review of such a great product from Anker. This is my first iPad air for 2014 and very excited to see what’s in store from others. In conclusion, I highly recommend purchasing this product as soon as you can!

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