September 24, 2013

Anker S-View Flip-Cover 5600mAh Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review!

Anker S-View Flip-Cover 5600mAh Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review!

Don’t worry about your device dying before the end of the day ever again because you can purchase this product on Amazon US for about $27 ($26.99) with free shipping. And special thanks to our friends at Anker for once again sending out a fantastic product to review.

I want to do a 360 of the product before I give you the pros, cons, and my conclusions.

Starting with the front theres a cut out for the speaker, top-portion of the display, and no home button. I love the ability to see my alerts and notifications without having to turn on my entire screen. I can even answer phone calls just by swiping on the display. I also find no problems hearing anyone on the other end when the cover is closed.

Flipping to the back there’s a cut out for your rear-facing camera, LED flash, and speaker.  No problems with my photos and videos with or without flash. Also no muffling of my audio when the product is on it’s back against a hard surface. The only con would be that there’s a very glossy back that’s a fingerprint club and I find myself having to wipe it off so often. I wish they could change this the same material that they use for the cover.

Taking a look on the right side there’s a long cut out for your power/lock button. This was very annoying since it was very hard to turn my phone on or off as well as locking it or unlocking it. Plus, a loss of protection if I did drop it on it’s side. Nothing really good about this side besides the magnetic strap to keep the cover closed when not in use.

There’s also problems with the left side. There may be a little more protection thanks to the cover flap but there’s little to no possible way I could easily turn my volume up or down with one hand. I really wish they could done better with the design of the left and right sides.

I’m not saying everything about the product is bad. The top does include a large cut out but that helps with the IR blaster, microphone, and 3.5mm headphone jack. No problems here.

But, I find that my device can’t charge easily with the cut out at the bottom for the microphone and Micro USB port. Even using the official device cable I still find problems connecting it and keeping it connected without holding it.

Now let’s look on the bright side. This cover does feature the sleep/wake feature when you close and open your cover. This is perfect. It won’t lock your device, even with a password on it, but just turn off the display until you open the cover again. I would be careful about using this feature.

It would take me two days, which is 48 hours, to fully charge down the product to about 10% before I had to put it back on charge. This is thanks to the built in 3000mAh battery along with the 2600mAh battery from Anker themselves. I find that I can game pretty much all day and end up with at least 20%.

Did I mention that it has a hidden built-in stand feature. Just by opening the cover and placing it on a table in landscape mode. Very convenient and easy to use with no real installation.

At the end of my testing, I really like this product. But I recommend buying it for the battery and not the design and protection.

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