February 14, 2014

Anker Portable Bluetooth Speaker (MP141) Review!

Anker Portable Bluetooth Speaker (MP141) Review!

Lately, I have been reviewing portable bluetooth speakers. Why, you may ask. Well basically because I’m comparing them to see which one is the best compared to the competition. Plus, I’m heading off to college soon and wanna make sure that others like me have the best one possible for jamming out on those wild nights. And if you like this very product then you can purchase it via Amazon US for about $40 with free shipping and special thanks to Anker for sending this out to review. It’s great to see that they are hitting all the important categories of consumer products and remain with insanely affordable pricing.

I’ll get back to the speaker itself later on because I want to quickly touch on how Anker takes the time to truly provide you with the best customer experience possible. This includes the packaging that the Portable Bluetooth Speaker to the goodies inside. The packaging may be all cardboard but it’s recycled and makes the price stay affordable without any damages caused to it when it makes it journey to you. The inside is packed with more than you will normally expect. First is the speaker, set that aside for now, then a little cardboard compartment to the right that includes the basics of a decent size 3.5mm cable that gives you the ability to connect your smartphone, tablet, and etc when you don’t wanna use Bluetooth. Also, there’s a USB 2.0 to MicroUSB for charging the speaker and even your smartphone (if compatible) when you don’t wanna take a bunch of cables. But, there’s more (wink, wink) that includes a contact card if you find any problems with your product, a Welcome Guide to show you all the incredible features built-in the speaker, and guess what! Even a carrying case to protect your speaker when you’re on the go! That’s awesome since most competitors don’t include one even when the speaker is the same price, for example; CoolStream. Great, great job on Anker’s part.

Part 1

Now finally rocking our way into my review of the speaker itself I must address my cons first so we can end on a good note. The only con that was the biggest one and maybe even only a personal one is that the speaker itself has a fingerprint club body. Huh? Well basically I can pick it up fine and move it but my fingerprints are all over it and this is really a pain in the rear when anyone else fingers touch it with their oily fingers. Nasty and unpleasing. Otherwise, I really like the cube design because it fits well in the hand, small places, and my gear bag. Perfect size, design, and weight even though it’s packing a pretty large rechargeable battery that you can’t see. That’s fine with me since I’m able to receive 20 hours of playtime with a single charge but since I don’t listen to music that long in one setting I’m actually receiving about three days worth of music with heavy use. You gotta admit that, that’s pretty awesome compared to their last generation that only put out about 10 hours of playtime. Not bad but this speaker is better.

Starting with the face you will find your LED light that blinks blue (indicating that it’s searching for bluetooth devices), solid blue (connected to a bluetooth device), or a blinking red (indicate that the speaker battery is low). Even talks to you to give you a creepy yet informative vibe. They included a volume up/down button which was especially helpful since my Galaxy S4 don’t have the highest controls internally I was able to blast louder than usual without any distortion. Even with the microphone in use via the speaker.

Part 2

The other sides are blank besides the right side that features an off/on switch, AUX In jack, MicroUSB port, and a small LED to indicate battery charging levels. The power switch is very nice, the port is placed in the best place, and the little LED is a nice little touch for those users that tend to over charge their devices.

Sliding down to the bottom there’s not too much interesting things going on besides the square rubber feet that gives you the confidence of it not slipping around any surfaces and even keep it from scratching them, for example your glass tabletop. And flipping to the top will reveal the speaker itself that’s not covered by anything that shouldn’t be there. I find that the audio is pitch perfect, great bass, a little more treble would be nice, but audio remains crisp as possible!

In the end, this is one of the best portable bluetooth speakers that I have tested so far in 2014. I’m very impressed on how great Anker did with such a small product. I highly recommend it as of February 2014!

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