October 26, 2013

Anker High-Capacity Qi-Enabled (Wireless-Charging) External Battery Unboxing!

Anker High-Capacity Qi-Enabled (Wireless-Charging) External Battery Unboxing!

This product has yet reached the Amazon Online Store or even Anker’s Official Website since this is a special edition.

Anker has came a long way from how they use to pack their products for consumers. The packaging is detailed, beautiful, and so-ready for us to take unboxing!

This includes a re-designed Anker Review Card, Instruction Guide, and a Returns & Exchanges Packet. But wait, there’s much more, such as; the Accessory Bag, a short and a long Micro USB cable.

After stripping down the external battery you will notice the beautiful glossy finish. Taking a quick look you will see the Anker logo, Connectivity Signal, 4 LEDs, and a physical button on the front.

The back features nothing but Anker’s information about the external battery. Spinning the device will show two USB ports on the bottom, Micro USB port on the right, and that’s pretty much everything.

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