October 22, 2013

Anker 2-Port Turbo Car Charger (24W, 4.8A) Review!

Anker 2-Port Turbo Car Charger (24W, 4.8A) Review!

This is the newest model for Anker’s car charger. You can purchase it via Amazon US for about $12 ($11.99). And special thanks to our friends at Anker for sending this out to review! I want to quickly focus on the packaging before the product. Anker has taken the time and re-designed their packaging for their products. It’s something settle and little but it’s worth taking a notice of since many companies don’t focus on how they present their packages to their customers. Something so little can speak so very loud.

Enough with my rant about packaging and onto the car charger itself. It’s very similar to the previous model with no new design since everything that’s different is under the hood. Well, under the plastic in this case. You will still have the connectors on the top for plugging into your ash tray.

While on the bottom, there’s two USB ports for charging two devices at the same time. Except now you have a total of 24 watts since the two USB ports will output 2.4 amps each. This allows you to charge your smartphone, tablets, and any other devices a lot faster. I find no flaws with the product but I would be even happier with an LED indicator light on the bottom to help show when there is charge flow inside the car charger. That will pretty much wrap up my review of this great yet simple car charger.

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