September 12, 2014

AirMobi iReceiver WiFi Music Receiver Review!

AirMobi iReceiver WiFi Music Receiver Review!

Cut the Wire and Cut Loose on New Jams!

The market is flooding with a small yet useful product that is actually changing how we listen to music not just on our phones but also on our TVs, speakers, and so on. It may not even be what you think it is so let me just introduce you to the iReceiver WiFi Music Receiver from AirMobi.

What’s in the box?

The box is very well designed and reminds me of the Checkers restaurant that I love eating at. It’s scoped out with red and white as well as some information about the product along with a QR Code to make it easy to find on the Internet very quickly. AirMobi includes:

  • Micro USB to USB Cable (White)
  • Durable & Heavy Duty Carrying Bag
  • AirMobi iReceiver WiFi Music Receiver

AirMobi iReceiver WiFi Music Receiver

Where does the AirMobi iReceiver WiFi Music Receiver exceed?

It’s great to purchase a product for a cheap price but it really sucks when it takes forever to set up and finally use. I faced that situation many times, sadly but true, until I reviewed this very product. I simply turn it on, connect my device to it (via Bluetooth), and then connect it to a pair of speakers and BAM! I’m now streaming music wirelessly throughout my home. Pretty darn impressing huh? It’s nothing new to the world or even to jump and shout about but the fact that the set-up process takes less than 10 minutes to complete it something to brag about.

If you’re using an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad then simply stream music via AirPlay. It’s simple and free to do. I tested this feature and found it very useful when I want to walk into my home and play music right away with just a few taps on my device.

As Steve Jobs would say and I quote, “There’s one more thing,” I have one last feature to show you that similar products don’t have. Yes, stream music from your device to speakers wirelessly via Bluetooth, DLNA/AirPlay; but extend your Wi-Fi throughout your home. This little guy doubles as a Wi-Fi extender with no extra cables. Those spots that you didn’t have the greatest speeds or no Internet at all are no longer a worry since the iReceiver extends your Wi-Fi to those “dead” spots.”

Where does the AirMobi iReceiver WiFi Music Receiver lack?

It’s perfect as can be but I would like to share some recommendations with you, the audience, but also the company. Nothing major but I would love to see a new model with a built-in battery similar to the CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Receiver (BTR102). Otherwise, no changes are necessary.

AirMobi iReceiver WiFi Music Receiver

How does the AirMobi iReceiver WiFi Music Receiver fit in my life?

Personally, I love listening to music as much as I can and being able to stream it from my smartphone to my favorite desktop speakers (wirelessly) is just plain awesome! I will indeed be using it a lot around the house since it doubles as a Wi-Fi extender without any hassles or extra problems.

Why should you purchase this for yourself?

It brings two great features into one small, affordable, and reliable unit that fits in your pocket when you’re traveling from place to place.

AirMobi iReceiver WiFi Music Receiver

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