March 1, 2014

Air Buds Most Comfortable Earbuds with Smart Microphone (Gunmetal Grey) Review!

Air Buds Most Comfortable Earbuds with Smart Microphone (Gunmetal Grey) Review!

We are going ham when it comes to testing and reviewing audio products for the last month or so in February 2014. Everything going great and I’m super impressed with these earbuds from our new friends at Air Buds which you can purchase this product for about $40 with free shipping and special thanks to Air Buds for sending this out to review.

Let’s dive in with the box which is actually pretty snappy. I love the information, images, and detail they have placed into the packaging itself. Many companies over look this and don’t realize that they are stirring away potential customers when they slack on design and hard work in every little bit of the product. Now rolling into what else you receive which is pretty basic since you have a total set of three Fit-All Foam Tips and the earbuds themselves nothing else. I don’t mind having no instruction manual or even quick start guide but I would really appreciate having some type of traveling case like a pouch or even a case. That would be awesome! Especially since others like i.d. America are selling earbuds that match this price and similarity.

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Now mainly focusing on the earbuds themselves since it’s the star of the entire review. It starts with a 3.5mm headphone jack that’s actually a little longer than a “normal” one which expands the user-friendly features of it. This means I was able to plug it into my Samsung Galaxy S4 even with it wearing a bulky case that covers up the 3.5mm headphone jack. I found no problem with them whatsoever which is awesome!

Traveling up the cable which is actually tangle resistant which means you can tangle them up as much as you want in your pocket and they will always come unloose whenever you need them up. I, of course, had this test this theory out myself and I found that it worked 9 out of 10 times. But finally moving onto Y-divider which is actually full of little details that includes their logo and nothing else but the thought they placed into it was worth it.

Part 2

There’s a con that I want to point out right away which is actually on the left cable. I noticed the smart microphone but no control buttons, such as; Play/Pause or even Volume Controls. The Smart Microphone is great and I noticed that the call quality is also great cause even when I was outside in weather of 2 degrees Fahrenheit those on the other hand still could hear me clearly.  I just wish that they could incorporate the controls into it along with the Smart Mic in order to expand user experience overall.

Topping this review off finally with the earbuds themselves. Personally, they performed good. Maybe too good since it felt unbelievable. I never tested earbuds that fit into my ears so well. This is thanks to the Fit-All Foam Tips and the hidden technology that gives these marshmallow feeling the ability to form to your ear canal and retain its shape once you remove them from your ear. Now, I did have terrible luck with removing and swapping between these tips since they were so fragile and buying extras would be highly recommended but inexpensive, thankfully. If they could fix or just improve in this little flaw then I would say that the ear tips are “revolutionary” and ready to be shared to the never ending innovating world.

Part 3

The build quality of the earbuds is high quality which I expect since you would be spending about $40 or so on these bad boys. The bass is insanely great, treble is a little off, and high/low voices are noticeable no matter how loud or soft you have your volume on your device. Matter of fact, I recommend keeping your volume at 50% or even 75% so you can get the best optimal sound without losing too much treble and etc. The design of the earbuds are unique but nothing too fancy to be getting super excited about.

In the end, they are one of the best companies that I have worked with in 2014 to bring out earbuds that I’m happy to recommend to others. Air Buds did a fantastic job and really looking forward to seeing what else they have in store!

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