February 5, 2014

Acase Slim Leather Case with Built-in Stand for iPad Air Review!

Acase Slim Leather Case with Built-in Stand for iPad Air Review!

It has been sometime since I unboxed, tested, and reviewed a case for any iPad model. Please forgive me because our new partners at Acase has plenty to share with you with some insane features. Well, maybe not insane but indeed breath-taking. You can actually purchase this product via Amazon US for about $30 with free shipping and special thanks to our friends at Acase for sending this out to review. Please do keep a look out for more great products coming very soon!

Oh boy! This is a little weird because I usually dive in with re-discussing what you receive with the product but Acase hasn’t provided anything spectacular not even the wrapping that it comes into. Don’t get me wrong since it does serve a purpose of providing protection to the case when making it’s way to your home. The case display their logo, a slogan, and three main points, as well as a social network (Facebook) link before but nothing else worth nerdgasing about. I really do hope to see them improve in 2014 not only with the packaging but also the accessories. Since you are paying for premium leather you should also at least receive a micro-cloth, a screen protector, and a squeegee. Otherwise, I’m not impressed with their packaging at all and request to see better, if possible.

Part 8

As soon as I removed the case from the packaging I could already smell the leather and it’s pretty amazing, if I say myself. I reviewed many leather cases in the past and this one best fits in with them all. It’s lightweight, spells great, with a great price. You can’t go wrong so lets continue on.

There’s no design on the front cover besides Acase embedded logo in the top right hand corner but you can’t even notice it unless you reflect a light source on it or catch it reflect when light bounce off of it. Otherwise, it’s small, non-intrusive, and very professional. Many companies has noticed that if they display their logo too large that it will bring down the value of the product overall. It’s not bad to display their logo but blowing it the size of the product itself is a rather “stupid” move. I’m very happy to see that Acase has taken this into consideration and made sure their logo is present in the best way possible.

Now opening the case is rather easy and yes it does feature the sleep/wake function that we all fell in love with thanks to Apple’s iCover. You will be able to save your battery and not fuss with the power/lock switch while on the go. Alright, the left side features four grooves that I will get to later on in the review. But, switching to the right side there’s the snap case that holds your iPad into place when you’re up and going. The cut outs are actually perfect in my case (no pun) since I was able to connect a straight and L-shaped headset into the 3.5mm headphone jack, record clear and crisp audio thanks to the microphone cut outs, capture decent photos with the built-in rear camera, switch my device on/off/unlocked, change the volume level, and use all the functions on the bottom with no problems whatsoever. 

Part 9

Before I dive into the best part of the case I want to cover the topic of the back which features that beautiful stitching that we all love when it comes to leather cases like this one. It’s pretty much perfect and I have found no imperfections so far for using it for an entire week or so.

And now it’s time to finally get to the best part of the review which is talking about the built-in stand feature that allows you to view media in four comfortable positions thanks to the four grooves on the left side of the case. Personally, I find that the very first groove is most efficient for watching movies, viewing photos, and typing with a bluetooth keyboard (sold separately). The other three are great but I didn’t find myself using them as often. They aren’t horrible and actually may be different for others that use this case for themselves. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with.

At the end of the day, Acase has done a fantastic job with the case overall but I’m still a little disappointed with their packaging since it’s the very first thing us average consumers see before purchasing and using the case right away. It’s no deal breaker for me but it may be for others. 

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