Microsoft Windows Phone 7.1 ‘Mango’ and Demo Video

“Mango”, to provide smarter, simpler communications, apps, and Internet experiences to bring Windows Phone to more people around the globe.

REDMOND (Wash.) — May 24, 2011, Microsoft Corp. Today, Microsoft Corp. presented the next major Windows Phone release, code-named Mango, through a series media events across the globe. “Mango” will bring more than 500 new features that will push the boundaries of smartphone experiences in communications, apps, and the Internet. Windows Phone 7 customers will receive the “Mango” update free of charge. It is expected to ship with new phones in the fall. We will provide more information about the device update times closer to release. Windows Phone will support additional languages and expand app access by launching Windows Phone Marketplaces in new countries. It will also partner with OEMs to allow expansion into new markets. *

Andy Lees, President of Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business said that seven months ago, we began our mission to make smartphones smarter. It is now easier for people to do more with their phones. “With ‘Mango’ Windows Phone, Microsoft has made a significant step in redefining the way people communicate and use apps. This will give you better results .”

Communication: It’s easier to connect and share

As people try to keep up with all communication methods, including text, phone, email, instant messages (IM), status updates, tweets, check-ins and photo posting, the smartphone experience can become confusing. The “Mango” release helps people keep track of this growing complexity by organizing information around the people or groups they want to interact with and not the app that they must use.

* Threads. You can switch between text, Facebook chat, and Windows Live Messenger in the same conversation.

* Groups. To see the most recent status updates, group contacts into personalized tiles and send an IM, email, or text to the entire group from the Start Screen.

* Deeper social network integration. Twitter and LinkedIn feeds can now be integrated into contact cards. “Mango” also includes Facebook check-ins as well as new face detection software. This makes it easy to tag photos and post to social media.

* Link inbox Multiple email accounts can be viewed in one linked mailbox. The conversation system makes it easy to keep up with the latest mail.

* Hands-free messaging. Hands-free messaging and text-to voice support are built-in.

Apps Smarter Approach

Windows Phone will change the way we think about apps. Apps’ usefulness today is determined by how the app can be used. But Microsoft sees the potential of apps as being integrated into core features of the phone. The “Mango” update will make it easier to receive timely notifications and updates from apps from the Start Screen. It will also include apps in search results and within Windows Phone Hubs. This makes it more likely that a useful app will be available when you need it.

* App Connect. “Mango” connects apps to search results and enhances their integration with Windows Phone hubs including Music, Video and Pictures. This allows apps to be found when and where it makes sense.

* Improved Live tiles. Apps provide real-time information without the need to open them. Live tiles can be dynamic and contain more information.

* Multitasking. You can quickly switch between the apps you are using and let apps run in the background. This helps to conserve battery life and improve performance.

Going Beyond the Browser

The “Mango” release of Internet Explorer will also include Internet Explorer. It will bring together the power of the Web with the unique capabilities offered by Windows Phones such as location awareness and camera access, and offer a more localized and actionable way to view the Web.

* Internet Explorer 9. * Internet Explorer 9.

* Local Scout. This tool provides hyperlocal search results as well as recommendations for nearby shopping, restaurants and other activities. It is easy to use.

* Windows Phone Bing. There are many ways to search the Web including Bing Vision and Music Search. It’s easy to find and make a decision.

* Quick Cards. * Quick Cards.

Strengthening Ecosystem

Since October’s launch of Windows Phone 7, the Windows Phone ecosystem has been steadily growing. More than 17,000 apps are available on Windows Phone Marketplace, as well as Windows Phone handsets from a variety of partners around the world. Microsoft’s recent partnership with Nokia has also contributed to this growth. “Mango” will expand and strengthen Windows Phone’s ecosystem with new partnerships with Acer Inc. Fujitsu Ltd., ZTE Corp. and Acer Inc.. Today, ZTE Corp. announced plans to launch new Windows Phone devices in all markets. Microsoft also announced that it will now support Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, Czech and Danish, Finnish, Hungarian and Japanese languages, as well as Polish, Portuguese and Russian. This will significantly expand the number of countries consumers can access apps via Windows Phone Marketplace. A beta version of Windows Phone Developer Tools, which can be used to create “Mango” apps, and games, will also be available for download on Microsoft’s website within 24 hour of today’s events.

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