Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

All Starcraft players, whether diehard fans from the Broodwar scene or newlyweds to SC2, have had countless sleepless nights thinking of the new expansion. The Heart of the swarm is highly anticipated within the Starcraft 2 community and is set to be a real game-changer. The expansion continues the Wings of Liberty storyline but with the main focus on Kerrigan. During the campaign, you will play as the Zerg and need to complete about 20 missions.

New units have also been announced and can be seen in the Heart of the Swarm expansion below.


  • Tempest – Out with the old and in with the new, the carrier has been replaced by the storm, which features AOE Anti-air and a standard ground attack. Four of these ships destroyed a huge pack of mutalisks in the demo.
  • Oracle – This new unit is a harassment unit that can entomb or block things from being used. The demo showed minefields being entomb denying SCV’s from mining minerals. It can also be used to block structures from functioning like missile turrets or factories.
  • Replicant – This new unit can transform into any non-massive unit such as a Siege Tank or an Infestor. We expect to see Protoss use this unit a lot in upcoming tournaments.


  • Shredder – This new Terran unit has no attack in mobile form but can do area-effect-damage to both ground and air units in stationary mode. Mainly used to control the battlefield, it could also protect a Terrans base while attacking. The downside of this unit is that the weapon shuts down if a friendly unit goes into its field.
  • Warhound – This new unit is a scaled-down Thor. Since it is smaller, it moves faster but loses a lot of damage and range than the Thor.
  • Thor (Modified) – This is the original Thor on a bigger scale, with more hit points and more damage. The Thor lost its anti-air capability for a siege tank like a mode that can also damage much. The one drawback is that you can only have one of these.


  • Viper – This new flying unit for Zerg has three abilities, Blinding Cloud, Abduct and Ocular Parasite. Blinding Cloud temporarily reduces the attack range of all enemy ground units. Abduct can physically pull an enemy unit to the Vipers location. The demo should have a Viper pulling a Colossus to its location so the ground units could destroy it. Ocular Parasite allows a friendly non-massive unit to become a detector by melding its eyestalk to that unit.
  • Swarm Host – is a slow-moving ground unit that can burrow and spawn a continuous stream of Locusts that attack enemy units. This is like a Terran Siege Tank, except that this unit cannot attack while mobile.

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