New Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Have you ever wanted a powerful tablet that allows you to watch your favorite movies on the go, listen to music where ever you are or even have a flick through all your photos, but at the same time not pay exorbitant prices? Well, Amazon may have the solution you’re looking for.

Amazon has recently released its new product called the Kindle Fire. At first glance, it looks to be a solid, practical and high performing unit. It is fitted with a high-speed dual-core processor and a high quality 7” IPS display; it has WIFI capabilities and weighs approx. 14.6 ounces (443 grams) and is 0.45 inches thick. Not to mention it comes with a price tag of $199, which is considerably lower than the other tablets currently out in the market.

The low price tag is the main talk around the water-cooler since it is more than half the price of the iPad 2 and offers similar features. However, the low price tag comes at a cost. The main drawback is the 8GB storage capacity and not being able to expand the storage. And with a few HD movies stored on the machine, it won’t take long for the memory to start running out.

It also lacks a front and back camera, Bluetooth, HDMI and a GPS. Omitting these specs is what gives the Kindle Fire a low price tag of $199.

In my opinion, I would purchase the Kindle Fire as a cheaper option to watch my favorite movies and listen to my favorite music on the go, surf the web and read EBooks, all without paying the high prices for the upper model tablets such as the iPad 2 and the Iconia Tab A100. However, the Kindle Fire’s entertainment will be limited by the 8GB storage capacity, which means constantly replacing old music/movies on the machine with new ones.
If you are looking for a cheap entertainment tablet that won’t make as big of a dent in your wallet as the iPad 2, then the Kindle Fire may be the unit just for you. It is due to be shipped into the US on November 15. We will have to wait for the Kindle fire to be released into the public’s hands to see how popular it really is and what people use it for.

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